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Starting my online business in July of 2018, I simultaneously taught 7th graders math while running my clothing boutique and sharing the entire process on my YouTube channel.

9 months later, my audience grew, and I was making a full-time income from my online brand.

Now in 2022, I've since published my book, Soul Food for the Entrepreneurs, sold over 1000 copies, expanded my clothing line, and grown my audience to over 25,000 people while growing my income to multiple 6 figures.

My purpose here is to coach and teach entrepreneurs to build their brand online and develop a community of customers vying to purchase their products and services.

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So, my origin story sounds a little like this... 

I moved to Houston, became a teacher, and simultaneously started an online boutique. While creating my boutique, something told me to pick up the camera and show the entire process. 

9 months later, my audience had grown, and I was making a full-time living off my online business. 


I quit my job as a 7th-grade math teacher just 2 years after moving to Houston, TX. Though I had always been passionate about teaching, I had no idea that it would lead me to a business of my own where I would teach business owners.

Trusting the process is the name of the game.


What started as educating people for free on YouTube about building an online boutique has turned into an entire branch of my business where I teach entrepreneurs how to build an entire brand of their own.


With dozens of courses, ebooks, and masterclasses available, I've successfully helped entrepreneurs launch or revamp their businesses, grow their audience of customers, and increase their online visibility.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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