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Helping new and aspiring business owners turn their skills, talents, and gifts into a profitable brand.

The world needs what's inside of you! Ready to grow together? 

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Build a highly engaged audience who are excited to support and buy from your brand.

Clarify your vision and develop a roadmap for your success.

Craft a compelling message that effectively communicates your unique value.

Create authentic & engaging content tailored to your audience's interests and needs, ensuring it reaches and resonates with them effectively

Transform your ideas into profitable offers, whether it's a course, ebook, product, or more.

You Don’t Have to DIY Your Process.

At Nataleh Nicole Consulting, I help growing entrepreneurs create a brand and turn their passions into profits!

If you’re here, you have a unique idea, talent, or skill and you are eager to monetize it - whether through a physical or digital product, or both. You are confident in your ability to transform your audience or customers through your talents/skills/gifts, even if that audience doesn’t exist yet. (We'll grow it together)

Here you will learn how to build a brand that amplifies your unique gifts, whether you’re looking to grow a physical product business (apparel, mugs, journals, etc), a digital product business (ebooks, courses, YouTube channel monetization), or a service-based business (consulting or coaching) – or even a mix of all three. 

Your Story + Your Community = The Building Blocks for a Successful Brand

In 2018, I launched my first online clothing store with a simple goal: sell cute clothing & help women to feel confident. However, I quickly realized that merely offering products wasn't enough. Determined to make an impact, I transformed my store into the Fearless Collection, where each item told a story of courage and faith.


Through storytelling and meaningful connections, my brand flourished, leading to consistent sold-out launches and significant revenue growth.

My clothing brand then turned into a monetized YouTube channel where I shared my business journey, which then turned into a 30-day devotional for new business owners, which then turned into an ebook giving more guidance on starting a meaningful online brand. 


I successfully built a brand filled with customers who cared, selling products and services that they loved and cared about.

From humble beginnings of $50 monthly revenue to a six-figure brand, I've learned that the key lies in storytelling and fostering a community. 

If you're ready to transform your idea into a meaningful and profitable brand, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

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What Previous Clients are Saying:

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"AMAZING! when I tell you Nataleh gave what was supposed to be given! A 3-hour session gave me 6 months to a year of content and Strategy! This woman has truly outdone herself once again! She completely took my business to a whole different level. This is the one coach I would truly trust to take my brand to the next level, I left this call completely fulfilled with knowledge, a plan and a tone of work to be done and a whole lot of money to be made!

This session has helped me plan content more effectively and allow me to keep track of who my audience is and showed me how to turn knowledge into wealth"

— Kee-Kee, The Big Boss Experience

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