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Why You're Here...

You're a boutique owner who's ready to stand out among other boutiques online. You've watched YouTube videos and searched google but yet you're lacking strategy in your business. 


When you post "for sale", no one is running to your online doors because you are having a hard time identifying and connecting with the ideal customer for your business.


Simply put, you feel stuck in your business, and you are not sure what to do next. 

You're ready to turn your boutique into a unique brand, and you desire to have an audience of loyal customers who will support each item you place in your store. 

Above being a boutique owner, you know you want to do more in your business. You desire to create multiple streams of income and impact your audience in a more powerful way. 

With the right strategy and direction, you could: 

  • Grow to 6 figures in your business

  • Become a Full Time business owner

  • Expand past wholesale inventory 

  • Create multiple streams of income

All while still owning your boutique business!

I've been there...

I know how it feels to want more from your business. Starting my business July 2018, I loved selling fashionable clothing to my audience, but I wanted more. 

I discovered my target audience and was able to quickly expand my business to other products and services that benefited them.

I've turned my boutique into a multi-faceted, multi-stream, 6 figure brand! I get to run my clothing boutique while also impacting my audience in a more powerful way. 

I went from Boutique to Brand!

By using my framework of: 

tARGET audience identification

Product expansion, the right way!


You'll Easily Be Able To...

  • Turn your boutique into a high earning brand with multiple streams of income 

  • Build an audience of supportive and paying customers.

  • Effortlessly market online to sell your products and services


Boutique TO bRAND (1).png

A 3-hour digital intensive for boutique owners who are looking to increase their sales, build a brand that stands out, and position their business for multiple streams of income. 

Together we will identify your dream customer. You will learn who your customer is and how to grow your desired audience. 

We will then dive into product expansion. I will ensure that your current inventory matches your target audience, while helping you build out your additional offerings so you can effortlessly create multiple streams of income. 

Lastly, we will redefine your marketing strategies. I will teach you effective ways to show up online, and help you develop your email marketing and social media strategies. 

It's time to go from boutique to brand & build your 6 figure business. 

4 Spots Remaining for May 

The Program Details
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