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Over 103+ Boutique Owners have used this course to launch their online boutique 


The Boutique Intensive is a 2 Day (6+ hour) workshop for ASPIRING Boutique Owners. The event was an INTENSE 2 day workshop where boutique owners learned everything needed to know about opening a boutique.


From getting started, to launching, to marketing, this workshop will teach you what it really takes to start a successful boutique business. 


(Read Testimonials Below from Attendees!)


This will ONLY be on sale for a few days!

Here's what you will learn from this 2 day workshop:

Day 1: 
- How to Brand your Business

- Define your target audience

- How to legally form your business (LLC VS NO LLC)

- Paying Sales Tax as a Boutique Owner

- Budget, Prep and Purchase your Inventory through an in depth Boutique Inventory Session

- How to use Wholesale Websites for Boutique Inventory

- Create CUSTOM Apparel for your Online Boutique

- In depth Shopify Website Tutorial

- Pricing Guide: How to price your inventory!

Day 2: 
- Finish your Shopify store 

- The Perfect Launch Day Email

- Set up Email Marketing on your Website!

- Pre Launch Marketing: How to prepare your boutique for sales, before you launch (specific Instagram strategies!)

- Post Launch Marketing: How to continually make sales after launching your boutique

- Social Media Marketing for Sales: Using Instagram to make sales!

- Email Marketing for Sales: How to make sure every email turns into a sale

- Budgeting and Financing to become a FULL TIME Entrepreneur: Strategic budgeting to become a full time entrepreneur!

You will receive the replay of each day + the Complete Boutique Workbook to follow along and take guided notes!


These notes are extremely important and will guide you to starting your online boutique!


Read Testimonials Below from Attendees!


Attendee Testimonials: 


"Best course ever hands down!!! Everything you need to know and I mean EVERYTHING!!!!" -ChrismaBlanco (username)


"This was very helpful and informative. I would recommend this to anyone that is wanting to invest in their business." - PJ


"Good valuable information!! Finding you on youtube was truly God sent!! As a new boutique owner, I struggled to find answers to the questions I had and hunny you answered just about all of them!!! You definitely provide the "inside scoop" to making our boutiques a success from the beginning!! I pray that God continues to favor you and bless you!! Sincere thanks!!" - Sharaneka


"I love the idea of the workbook. It made things easier to follow and it'll be a great reference to refer back to. I think the event was great. Although I had already started my business in August, there was a lot of knowledge I gained regarding the registered agent and taxes." - Kamilah 


"The course flowed very nicely. Great Teacher! " - Jessica 


"Listen to me, this course is everything. Ms. Nicole breaks down everything there is needed to know. There are a few things I had to look up being that I am in a different state, and registration required a few more steps; however, she really gives the blueprint, advice, & takes her time explaining. I personally, am very excited I purchased this course for more insight on how to begin. If you are looking to start your business, I definitely recommend this course." - Chell (YouTube comment)


"The best thing for me was the replays as I am in Australia and I knew that I would not be able to make the live events and the fact that I also knew that I would have to listen to the replays a lot of times and do it on my computer as I stop and start the replays I also knew that if I ever had the chance that you would be the one person that I would want to mentor me but when I knew that there would be the replays I signed up straight away as that was really important to me and knowing that VIP has the replays well signed up for that too" - Gaynor


This is a 6+ hour event! Set some time aside this week and get your business started.


This replay is only available for a limited time! 


The COMPLETE Guide to Start Your Online Boutique

$497.00 Regular Price
$249.00Sale Price
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