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Receive an in-depth marketing strategy + 1:1 coaching call for your digital product.


The strategies taught in this service are what helped me reach over 1 million views on YouTube and hit 6 figures in my overall brand. Your audience is waiting to hear from you! Let's get to marketing yourself.


Whether you are trying to build an audience for your brand or amp up your content marketing to sell a digital or physical product, this service is ideal for someone looking to gain insight on the best content to create to reach their goal.


What you'll receive:

- A step-by-step marketing plan of the content you should create to market and sell your products, or to simply grow your audience (you'll tell me your goals upfront!)

- One 1:1 coaching session to go over your marketing plan + answer any additional business questions you may have. This is the beginning of the implementation phase.


This will be a very in-depth service. Due to the nature of the work, I will only be able to assist 10 people! This is a very limited service. First come, first served.


COMING SOON! Interested now? Shoot me a message here on chat and let's talk about your business.

Digital Product Marketing Strategy + Coaching

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