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*I recommend you pair this with the Ultimate Branding Guide, Sell it on Instagram Course, and the Email Marketing kit for best results!*


Black Friday & Cyber Monday are over... Now what?!​

People are still shopping. There are still sales to be made! Is your business prepared for the Holidays?! This kit will teach you step by step how to increase your audience, sales, and mindset for the holiday season.


The official Holiday Sales and Marketing eBook/workbook ($97)


A 30 page electronic resource that will take you through each step in marketing your business online for sales during the holidays and into 2020. You will learn how to market your online boutique / ecommerce store on social media + email marketing organically (without paying for advertisement!)


This kit takes you through the 6 step system I used to make multple 4 figures during Black Friday and Cyber Monday!


The truth is, your audience needs to see you and want your product in order to purchase it. I’ll be teaching you how to position your product to be seen and purchased by your audience.


The steps are listed out with clear instructions and multiple homework assignments through each step so you are able to see immediate results. 


This eBook is detailed and teaches you how to talk to your audience throughout the entire holiday to continually get new customers. 


A BONUS piece in this eBook is a sample holiday email campaign! I will teach you how to create an email campagin (multiple emails over 3-4 days of sales) that will help you build your email list and make more sales through emails. 


There is also a bonus less on holiday pricing and how to set sales in your buisness while still making a profit!


This is the time of year that customers are LOOKING to shop! Learn exactly what to do to win over their sales, consistently. Yes, black friday and cyber monday are over, but the sales should not be!


DOMINATE the holidays with this in depth eBook / workbook! It's not too late for your business. 


Holiday Sales and Marketing eBook

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