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This bundle is for the entrepreneur who is ready to consistently make over $1,000 a month in their business. 


Within this bundle you will learn the techiniques to brand yourself, find and grow your audience online, and effortlessly sell to them without sounding salesy. These techniques are what I use EVERYDAY to make sales online. From $1,000 days to $10,000 months, my consistent sales start with these techniques. 


What's Included in this Bundle: 


#1.  The Branding Workshop: 


Branding is something that a lot of new business owners skip over in the launching process. The beginning of all of your marketing issues usually start with branding!


Brand your business, then capture sales!


This masterclass will help you:

  • Define your target audience

  • Market your business easily and purposefully 

  • Create multiple streams of income

  • 4 Figure Sales Blueprint 


#2: Brand, Grow, Sell Marketing Workshop (Most Recommended)


This is my TOP class at the moment. In this 2- part workshop you will learn the fundamentals of growing your audience online and easily selling to them with proven social media and email marketing strategies. 


Read below for more details on each session:


Part 1: Grow Your Audience Masterclass

During this masterclass, you will learn how to build your audience from 0 interested customers to a group of 'ready to pay' customers.


During this masterclass you will learn how to:

  • Grow your Instagram following and prep them to purchase
  • Create an email list & build it to 100 customers


Part 2: Master selling on Instagram Masterclass

During this masterclass you will learn the stratgies I use to sell to my Instagram following daily. 


You will learn:

  • Methods to sell your product or service on Instagram
  • How to prep your followers and turn them into customers
  • The blueprint for a $1K day on Instagram (how I can make $1,000 in 1 day)
  • What to post on your social media account to gain more customers
  • How to increase your website traffic
  • How to sell via DM's
  • How to sell in your Instagram Stories *best feature for selling*

This is my MOST updated course on how I sell everyday on Instagram. 


#3 The Marketing Handbook: 

This ebook is a great resource to tie all of the above ideas together and to give you practical steps on what to do next to enhance your website, send out emails, and make sales online


In this Ebook you will learn:


  • Marketing and Messaging - Learn Exactly What to Say On and OFF Social Media to Market your Product or Service


  • Marketing: How to get your 1st sell in business


  • Marketing on Social Media for Continual Sales


  • When to Post on Social Media and How to Post


  • My 4 Step Instagram Caption Formula - Never guess what to write after this!


  • In Depth Email Marketing Teaching 


  • How to Convert Your Emails into Sales


  • When to Send Out Emails


  • How to Create a HIGHLY Converting Website (Turn visitors into customers)


  • What to Put On Your Website to Capture Sales


  • The Best Way to Layout Your Website (with picture examples!)


+ MORE! 


This Ebook is filled with tools and fill in the blank exercises to walk you through the entire process. I've included pictures in this ebook so you can follow along and apply changes to your website and social media immediately! 


This bundle includes all of my marketing techniques! This is valued at over $300, but this bundle is on sale until the end of the month


Once purchased, you will receive immediate access to your course materials!


If you have any troubles, please email me at


Customer Reviews: 


"I bought your Intermediate bundle and it gave me so much great clarity as to what my business is and should be. It really was an eye opener. Best Investment EVER!!" - Nia, Boutique Owner


"I didn't hit my money goal in the 1st quarter, so I purchased your Intermediate bundle, and girl, only 47 minutes in and I already have so much more clarity! Thank You!" - Malet, Boutique Owner


Intermediate Boutique Bundle

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$99.00Sale Price
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