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With the Boutique Marketing Kit you will learn how I sale online and consistently make sales year round. You will master your email list & confidently sale on Instagram. Selling is a Psychology and a Science, are you ready to learn? 
The boutique marketing kit provides you with over a years worth of knowledge on marketing to make 5-6 figures in my online business. 
In the Boutique Marketing Kit you will receive 3 boutique marketing resources:
1. The Ultimate Branding and Marketing Guide ($97 value):
You will learn:
What Branding is & How to Brand your Online Business
How Branding Turns into Sales
How to Find your Target Audience and Engage them for Sales!
How to use Branding to Market on Social Media Before and After Launching (No more wondering "What Do I Post?!" I'll tell you exactly what to post every time!)
How to Increase Brand Awareness to Maximize Sales
How to Choose Inventory that your Target Audience will Love and Purchase!

This guide is jam packed with information to help you start to build brand awareness! Once your brand is built, your sales will follow!
2. Sell It! on Instagram($247 value)
In this guide I give you 7 strategies for posting on Social Media! You will never have to wonder what to post ever again.
You will learn specific tools to: 
Turn followers into PAYING customers
Use Influencers to make more sales
Use hashtags properly to gain more customers
Learn How to talk to your audience to get them to consistently purchase your merchandise!

Stop wondering what to post on Social Media, learn exactly what to say to your audience to turn them into customers These strategies help me to sell out of inventory as soon as I purchase it!
At the end of this course you will receive a homework assignment to immediately implement to start seeing sales within the next 7 days! Finally master social media sales through this 7 step process!
3. The Email Marketing Kit ($297 value):
In this email marketing kit you will receive 9 video lessons (100 minutes of content) teaching you how to:
Establish email marketing on your website
Build your email list from 0 to hundreds of excited customers
Craft the perfect email every time!
Turn every email into a sale!
Learn the specific strategies that I use to make sales in my sleep through email marketing (seriously!)

Whew! So much information, but don't worry it's not too much! You have the perfect amount of time to implement every detail into your business right before the Holiday season! 
My goal is that you are not overwhelmed but that you have peace during this time. Strategy and a plan cancels out all fear and doubt. No matter how your business has done up to now, if you grab this resource, and commit to implementing each part of it, you will experience a new level of success in your business! 
Are you ready to transform your boutique and make the money you know you should already have? Let's get to work!
Installment plan is available here for limited time

The Complete Branding and Marketing Kit

$447.00 Regular Price
$197.00Sale Price
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