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It is officially time for a new quarter and a new month, so that means NEW GOALS!


This is a LIVE Content Creation /  4th Quarter and Holiday Prep workshop with Nataleh happening on Saturday, October 9th at 11:00 am CST / 12:00 pm Eastern. This workshop comes with a FREE 4th Quarter planning guide.


Going into a new quarter without a plan is like you walking into business blind. Creating a plan for my business took me from $1,000 months to making over $13,000 each month in my business. I will take you through the EXACT same process I go through every single month and quarter in my business to reach success.


THE LIVE Content Creation / 4th Quarter and Holiday Prep WORKSHOP: 


I am inviting a small handful of entrepreneurs to work with me hand in hand to plan your content for the 4th quarter + holiday season. 


During this planning session, you will:

  • Learn what you should be doing this month to set your business up for increased sales during the holiday season
  • Learn new strategies to grow your audience using Ads
  • Learn how to use email and text marketing to sell your products or services
  • Get feedback on your brand & who your target audience is so you can create quality content on social media for them. 
  • Begin creating content that will lead to increased website traffic 
  • Prepare for the Holiday season in your business
  • Create your Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer


This is for you if:

  • You Need help showing up online to sell your products or services
  • You desperately need to grow your audience, and you're ready to get more eyes on your business 
  • You want to go into 4th quarter with a plan to grow, but you aren't sure where to start
  • You want to KILL IT during the holiday season, and you need help with the best way to do that using social media, ads, and email marketing.


This planning session is going to be an in-depth intensive for everyone who attends. And because I am keeping the number of attendees small, I will be able to answer your individual questions as you prepare your business for crazyyyy growth during the Holidays.


A session at this level with me would typically go for $1497, but I am offering this planning session at $197. (Crazy, right?!) 


The truth is... 2021 was a challenging year. I want to make sure you go into 2022 with a plan and confidence for running your business. 


Don't go into the last part of 2021 guessing what to do in business. 


The workshop will be held on Saturday, October 9th, 2021, at 11:00 am Central / 12:00 pm Eastern. This workshop will run for around 3 hours, and the replay will be available for everyone who purchases. 


There are limited spaces available 


Along with this workshop, you will also receive a FREE 4th quarter planning guide. 


With this worksheet, you will create a clear plan and vision for your business. If you feel like you are doing random actions each month to hopefully get sales, this guide will provide clarity, mindset shifts, and a path for your success.


What's Included in your FREE Guide. 

  • 2 Pages to plan your 4th Quarter Goals: What will you achieve this quarter in your business?
  • 3 Pages to plan your Monthly Goals: Break down your monthly goals for each month within this quarter. What streams of income will you work on within each month?  
  • 3 Pages to plan your Weekly Tasks: Break down what you will do every week in your business to reach your monthly goals 
  • 2 Pages for Mindset Work: Guided mindset questions to get in the positive mindset every month to work in your business and experience increase
  • 1 Page for Monthly reflection: This is the key to growth every month. Work through reflection questions to note how your month went and what you should or shouldn't do going forward for the next month


Don't sleep on yourself and your potential for the 2021 holiday season! Let's prepare for success. 


Due to the intimacy of this workshop, there are only a few spots available. Once all spots are filled, this worksheet will appear as "sold out." After purchasing, you will gain access to the guide + the login details for our live workshop.

4th Quarter Planning Workshop + FREE Guide

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