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A successful business calls for a successful foundation. Learn the necessary tools to growing a profitable business. This guide includes 3 signature courses by Nataleh. 


Course #1: The Ultimate Branding Guide

Branding is something that a lot of new business owners skip over in the launching process. Whether you are a new business owner, a seasoned business owner, or hope to start your business soon, YOU NEED TO BRAND YOUR BUSINESS PROPERLY! Brand your business, then capture sales!


In this all inclusive guide, you will learn:

  • How to Brand Your Online Business
  • How Branding Turns into Sales
  • How to use Branding to Market on Social Media BEFORE Launching
  • How to use Branding to Market on Social Media during the launching process
  • How to use Branding to Market on Social Media once you have Launched your Business
  • How to Engage your Target Audience
  • How to Increase Brand Awareness to Maximize Sales 
  • How to Choose Inventory that your Target Audience will Love 


This guide is jam packed with information to help you start to build brand awareness! Once your brand is built, your sales will follow! 


Course #2: The Email Marketing Kit


FINALLY, no more being afraid of email marketing. It's time to finally have customers opening, reading, and buying from every email you send!


In this email marketing kit you will receive 9 video lessons (100 minutes of content) teaching you how to:


  • Establish email marketing on your website
  • Build your email list from 0 to hundreds of excited customers
  • Craft the perfect email every time!
  • Turn every email into a sale!
  • Write the Perfect Launch Day Email
  • Create an Automatic Email Sequence so you can start making sales in your sleep!


Learn the specific strategies that I use to make sales with every single email + make sales in my sleep through email marketing (seriously!)


Course #3: Making Money on Youtube Masterclass

In this resource you will learn 


  • What a YouTube Partner is
  • How to start your YouTube Channel
  • How to Increase Your Subscribers and Views
  • What I did to become a YouTube Partner in 3 Months
  • How to Use YouTube to expand your business!


I will be teaching you in video form how to get on YouTube and be successful! YouTube is an AMAZING second stream of income for me! And when you apply the tips learned in this video, it will soon be an additional stream of income for you! Let's learn how to use YouTube to make these coins!


With this guide you will be set to start your business and start creating income and impact with your customers!

The Getting Started Bundle for Entrepreneurs

$279.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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