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Like most entrepreneurs, you probably DIY'd your website and social media page when you first started out & now you're wondering why you aren't making sales as you continually post about your business.


OR Maybe you have NO idea how to get seen by your target market of customers. 


When your customer enters your online doors (website and social media) they make a decision within 10 seconds if they want to make a purchase or not!


With this audit, I will be helping ONLY a limited amount of business owners clean up their websites and update their social media page to attract and convert more customers! Making more sales is not by chance, but rather by strategy. 


I will give you video feedback to show you step by step how to update your website. I will also give you specific written strategies to apply changes to your social media account immediatetly. 


 (Check out the client feedback below!)


Upon registering you will receive a questionnaire from me asking you about your business, website, and social media.


We will go over what to change in the moment, and create a social media marketing plan for continued success after our time together. It's time to grow your business!


Client Feedback:


"The helps she gives consistently with branding, website design and marketing has truly been helping me with my new boutique." - DeMia


"We were able to update my website so that it stands out more." - Christie


"Engagement on my social media has increased in 2 days after working with Nataleh" - Jess


"I was able to see mistakes I was making and see how to improve my website/social media." - Tracie

Website and Social Media Audit

$349.00 Regular Price
$249.00Sale Price
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