The Selling Social is a 4-week social media selling intensive. 

Alongside Business Strategist, Nataleh Nicole, a small group of entrepreneurs will come together in 4 weeks to learn how to maximize their business income using Instagram. 

  • 4 weekly live classes that will lead to your Instagram sales strategy (starting Tuesday, March 9th - Tuesday, March 30th)

  • Weekly access to get individualized assistance with your business 

  • Weekly workbook pages to follow along in class and take notes specifically for your business growth 

  • Homework assignments to begin seeing 'in the moment' progress for your business success

Starting my business in 2018, I’ve been able to quickly scale my business to 7 streams of income and over 6 figures in annual revenue. 

After getting it wrong in the first few months, I learned quickly that I need community to succeed in business. The secret to my success is the people who buy into my brand daily. 

In this intensive, I will show you how to grow your tribe of customers on Instagram and various platforms. No more wondering what to say on social media to reach your audience. This course will teach you how to sell on social.


Welcome to The Selling Social. 



  • learn to build an engaged community of customers for your business 

  • learn how to communicate with your ideal customer without sounding salesy

  • easily sell via Instagram posts and stories 

  • learn how to grow your email list and engage them naturally

  • gain new, effective email marketing strategies

  • learn strategies to turn followers into customers 

  • gain insight on how to refresh your website and make it convert

  • learn seamless Instagram marketing strategies

Nataleh helped me with brand identity, and how to move forward for the better good of my business. Prior to meeting her, I thought I did everything right. However, I had some missing pieces of the puzzle that needed to be filled in. Nataleh helped me fill in the gaps with her insight. Most importantly, I used what I gained and the information proved to work!

- Cyn, Former Student

  • Entrepreneurs ready to grow their brand to the 5 and 6-figure marks this year.

  • Business owners who struggle with showing up daily for their business on Instagram. 

  • Entrepreneurs ready to receive a step-by-step plan to market and sell their products or services through social media.



  • 1 Live Lesson on Branding & Community Building 

  • 1 Live Lesson on Turning Instagram Followers into Buyers 

  • 1 Live Lesson on Instagram Captions and Posts that Sell

  • 1 Live Lesson on 6-figure Social Selling: How I made 6 figures in my business with social media

  • 1 Live Lesson on 5-figure Instagram Stories: How I make over $10,000 a month selling through my Instagram stories ALONE 


+ a bonus section on email marketing: obtaining emails and sending emails that lead to

sales for your business 

+ a bonus section on running effective social media ads for your business


Back to the Business Basics

  • Defining your brand and your target audience 

  • Establish new ways to reach your customers using social media 

  • Know what to post on social media to build brand awareness 

Turning Followers into Customers

  • Create an email list of potential customers

  • Send emails that sell

  • Create a website that converts visitors into customers 

Money-Making Statements 

  • How to sell to via Instagram posts

  • Create an intentional social media sales strategy

  • Step-by-step caption template to create posts that sell

The #1 Money Maker 

  • How to sell in your Instagram stories

  • Storytelling to  make income 

  • How to build trust with Instagram followers that lead to sales

  • The appropriate way to sell in Instagram DMs

This course is valued at $1997, but is available for $997 for a limited time


Q: How does this course work? 

A: We will meet once a week for 4 weeks. Each week we will have a live small group session where I will cover the contents for that week and allow time for individualized questions for your business. Each class will run for about 2 hours but could go longer depending on the number of questions you have.

Q: Will I receive direct help from you, Nataleh with my business? 

A: Yes! Each week you will have the chance in class to ask specific questions about your business. This will be an intimate & small class, so every person's business will get the attention it needs. 

Q: Can I join this class if I haven't launched my business yet?

A: This class is intended for current business owners who want to increase their marketing skills with social media. If you do not already own a business, you may still find value from this class, but you will gain the most knowledge if you already own a business. 

Q: What type of business should I have for this class? 

A: This course is suitable for both service-based business owners (coaches and consultants) and product-based businesses (eCommerce store owners). I will be teaching this class with the knowledge I've gained from both my coaching business and my clothing store. Together, these two businesses have made over 6 figures in revenue by using social media. 

Q: So, what’s next? 

A: Once you register, you will receive an email & PDF welcoming you into the course and giving you the link to your 1st meeting. We will officially begin on Tuesday, March 9th, and each Tuesday after that until March 30th. 

Q: How do I pay?

A: You can pay using either Stripe or Paypal. Payment arrangements are available upon request. Please contact me here if you have any questions.