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Work With Me:

Choose your preferred coaching style below

Brand Strategy & Marketing Consulting Program (3+ Months)

In this style of consulting, I will work alongside you for 3+ months to help you experience growth in your business. 


This is a very hands-on approach for the busy entrepreneur who is ready to see in-the-moment results.

Whether you are in the idea phase of growing your business, or you are trying to push to 5 figure months, this level of coaching will provide an intimate space for you to be intentional, receive clarity, do the work, and experience results.

Topics that we can cover during time include (but are not limited to):

  • launching

  • rebranding

  • your online messaging (marketing, social media, and website)

  • increasing brand awareness

  • growing your audience of customers

  • social media strategy

  • and more

Limited spaces remaining for Q1 (January - March)

Click the link below to apply & sign up for a discovery call to begin working together.


Strategy Session 
(Length: 1.5 Hours)

During this 1.5-hour strategy session, we will work together to create a personalized growth and marketing plan for your business.


You will leave your strategy session with a road map listing the steps on how you can grow your community of customers and experience more sales within your business.


This is the perfect session for the business owner needing clarity on topics like: 

  • social media strategy

  • launching

  • adding a new stream of income 

  • identifying your target market/ideal customer

  • clarifying your messaging online 

+ more

(During the strategy session, we typically have time to cover one topic in-depth for your business. To cover a wide range of areas, consider booking the 3-month consulting option)

Click the link below to apply & sign up for a discovery call to begin working together.

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