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YouTube for Business.

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Welcome to the YouTube for Business Course.

Ready to grow?

This is a LIVE class and we are starting February 1st. Join before doors close.


In this program, you will gain the tools to start and grow your YouTube channel while also developing an additional stream of income. Whether you want to sell your first digital product, grow an audience for your e-commerce business, or just make an extra side income from YouTube Ad revenue. 

Starting my YouTube channel 5+ years ago, I've been able to get monetized while also promoting my business to an audience who did not know who I was.

From getting started, to getting paid..this is the course for any entrepreneur looking to expand their audience and income!

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YouTube Monetization

Self Paced videos sharing the ins and outs of starting your YouTube channel and reaching monetized status.


We'll cover your content, editing, equipment, and applying for monetization. 

Additional Stream of Income


I wouldn't be me if I didn't teach you how to strategically use YouTube to grow a business. 

Whether you want to sell digital products or physical items, use YouTube to grow an audience who cares (& pays)


This course is normally a pre-recoreded course, but this time, I'm joining you live. 

Join me and your classmates for 4 bonus coaching calls where you can get personalized help with your channel and your business. 

We're in this together.

Additional Details + Next Steps

The course will be launching soon! Please note that due to the live coaching aspect of this group, I will be accepting a limited amount of participants. 

This course will be 6 weeks long, but you will have lifetime access to the course content. You will be able to complete the recorded content at your own pace. 

Join the waitlist so you are the first to know when the course is available. 

Because of YouTube, I've been able to

  • Gain over 1,000 business website viewers a week (to my e-commerce and coaching sites individually)

  • Start a coaching business

  • Publish my physical book and make $10,000 from book sales

  • Make 6 figures from digital products

  • Create multiple streams of income, with 1 including getting a paycheck every month from YouTube!

  • Quit my job in under 1 year of being in business


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