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3 Tips To Becoming Full Time In Business

Starting a business is no joke… and expanding it?! That’s a whole different beast. It’s not impossible, but it takes a GREAT deal of DILIGENCE (this should be tip #1!).

If you know my story, I became full time within 8 months and that was ONLY because of the grace of God. I honestly didn’t plan to quit my job when I did, but thankfully it all worked out!

So, how did I do it? Here are the 3 things that helped me go from part time to full time in my business.

  1. A Good Business Idea + Multiple Streams of Income

Before becoming full time I had to know that I could actually make money from my online business. We all have bills and expenses. I needed my business to be profitable before deciding to quit my job.

The quickest way for me to make more money in my business was for me to diversify my income. I had to think of ways to increase the money I was making, and fast! So first determine if you can make money from your business idea and if so, HOW? Write down what products or services you can provide with your current business idea.

Next think of related ideas, products, or services that can bring money in from the SAME customer! For example, maybe you want to be a chef so your original idea is to sell cookbooks. Great, what else could that SAME customer maybe benefit from? Some ideas could be spice mixes, meal prep plans, or prepped meal services! The goal is to think of one customer, and plan multiple ways that they could support you!

2. Routine (Eat, sleep, work, repeat is not always bad)

To go from part time to full time, I had to put a specific routine in place. Teaching middle schoolers was a pretty demanding job, but I could not let how tired I was after work stop me from working in my business. To go full time in my business I had to work at it full time. So from December 2018 – March 2019 I had 2 full time jobs. I worked my day job, and my business was my “night job”. Before coming home each day I made sure I knew exactly what my tasks were for my second job (my business) so I could come home, eat, shower, take a power nap, and get right to work!

3. Mindset

I think our biggest competitor is our mind. If we allow it, our mind can talk us out of going after our dreams. In the beginning of my business, I didn’t think I was good enough. During my business, I didn’t think my site was good enough to get sales. I quickly learned that the way I thought actually affected the way I showed up in my business. When I thought my site or social media wasn't that great, I stopped promoting it. When I stopped promoting, my sales slowed down. To become full time, I had to fix my mind DAILY. I often found myself ignoring my thoughts if they contradicted where I wanted to be.

To build a business it takes FAITH, determination, and a grit to get it done.

Growing your business may feel hard, but it is not impossible

There you have it - the three things that helped me grow my business and took me to a comfortable place of dedicating to my dream project full time. You can start with even the smallest steps today, so why wait? My prayer is that you take these tips and apply them to your life, EVEN if you don’t have a business yet. Start strong & achieve your dreams!

If you don’t have a business yet, and you want to work with me to start the building journey, let’s chat. And if you’ve already started but you find yourself struggling with faith while growing, this one's for you!



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