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The Key to Growing Your Business - A Game Changer!

If you would’ve told me 3 years ago that I would be running my own enterprise, I would’ve laughed. I dreamed about this. I wanted this. But I didn’t see how it was possible. But can I tell you a little secret? You usually won’t see each step in the process until you start. Sometimes it takes you starting (and having faith) for God to show you what’s next.


In 2018 I had a random desire to be an entrepreneur. I was teaching math to middle schoolers, but for some odd reason, entrepreneurship was calling my name. I was tired of where I was and wanted more, so July 2018 I opened my clothing store. As I went through the trial and error of growing my brand, I learned 3 key things that helped me to show up and succeed.

  1. Do it afraid. Even if you’re unsure on how something will turn out, do it anyways.

  2. Build a community of supporters (your online tribe). These are the people who will come backa and support you repeatedly.

  3. Build a BRAND that makes sense to your tribe/supporters. Sell things to them they will value and need. This is how the sales become consistent.

Learning these things has kept me consistently making 5 figures each month since November 2019. But, it didn’t start that way...

I didn't know what I was doing at first.

Running my business, in the beginning, was not easy. I did not see immediate success. By December 2018 I was probably making $50-$100 a month. Somewhere between January and March of 2019, I decided that doing the bare minimum wouldn’t be enough. I worked harder, and my income raised from $100 to $3,000 a month.

Fast forward to 2021, I now make 5 figures each month in my business! It was a process!

I don’t talk about numbers because I want to brag about my income. I talk with numbers because that’s how most people measure success. But let me be the first to say, we all start from 0 so celebrate every small win as you continue to grow.

So, How Did I Do it?!

For me, a really successful step in growing my business was engaging with my followers! Once I started to engage with my ideal customer, my sales and traffic started to drastically increase. By definition, to engage means to attract someone’s interest or attention. It also means to participate or become involved in.

It’s not enough to just show up on Instagram, post a pretty picture or video, then log off. It’s 2021. We see enough influencers; we see enough ads! People want REAL. Your customers want to see who you and your business really are.

You being YOU and becoming involved with those who support you will be a key factor in increasing your sales!

How can you start engaging with your audience today?

So how do you engage with your audience? I go over about 50 different ways to engage with your audience and increase your sales in this ebook. But to name a few:

  1. Show up DAILY in someway on your social media (Posting in stories is my #1 money maker. Going LIVE is also a fun way to show up that produces results)

  2. Ask your customer questions

  3. Show your face (especially for those who sell clothing or other products… your customers want to see you! Not just your product)

  4. Create videos of you talking about what you do. Showcase your products or services in these videos.

  5. Show behind the scenes of your business. People love learning about your process.

Once you start to engage with your customers, they will begin to engage with you! Your likes, comments, and follows will automatically go up, and then you’ll start to notice more website traffic which can then lead to increased sales.

I think it’s important to note here the importance of understanding the customer’s buying journey. Your customer follows a journey that starts with awareness of you and your brand and ends with checkout. But that’s a whole new topic for a new day!

So for now, spend the next 10 days engaging with your customer & note ANY results or changes you see. Let me know how it goes! And remember, celebrate ALL wins, big or small!

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P.P.S. If you aren't already, keep up with me on Instagram and YouTube for more business talks!


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