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Five Tips To Building A Personal Brand & Increasing Your Income

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

So let's talk branding. At the beginning of my business, I wanted to do two things: Positively impact my audience and increase my Income. I honestly love waking up, going on YouTube, and teaching & empowering my "Fearless Bosses". BUT... I also love waking up, checking my notifications, and seeing sales roll in from my business.

This is the luxury that building a brand has done for me.

How does good branding connect to more sales?

Because I am the face of my brand, I can sell clothing, books, coaching services, and anything else that connects me with my audience. I am not limited to my clothing store. I am also not limited to my books. As long as I stay consistent with my theme or focus (we will get more into this later), I can continually create and sell to the same group of people. I didn’t just build a clothing boutique. I built a personal brand.

Building a brand is long lasting and should be the goal of every business owner as we move more into being a digital world!

So, here are 5 quick tips to build your personal brand:

1. Determine your brand theme or focus: My brand theme is faith, boldness, and entrepreneurship. Everything I create and sell is focused on those topics. Having a theme allows me to sell different types of items (clothing, books, coaching services etc) to the same group of people (people interested in faith, boldness, and entrepreneurship)

2. Be Yourself: You are the secret sauce your business needs to stand out. Don't overshare of course, but let your customer in. Why are you building what you are building? How did you get to this place?

3. Share behind the scenes. This helps your customer build trust with your business.

4. Build your own platform to connect with your audience. Build an email list, YouTube channel, or social media accounts where your audience can connect with you further.

5. Openly share your expertise. Openly share tips, your viewpoints, advice, or lessons pertaining to your focus or theme. People should start to see you as the expert to feel confident in paying you.

In conclusion

Turning my boutique business into a brand allowed me to consistently show up and impact my audience while still running my business and increasing my sales. It helped me differentiate from other businesses in my niche, while building credibility and trust which ultimately lead to stronger relationships with my audience.

So, entrepreneurs…. are you ready to build a brand?

If you are new to business, begin building your brand here.

For my experienced business owners, work with me 1:1 to expand your brand here.

Together, we will build out your brand’s identity, define your ideal customer, build your online presence via social media and your website, and launch your signature offer or products to your audience. Over this time working together, we will also develop your multiple streams of income.

I am looking forward to seeing you build that brand! Work with me 1:1 here



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